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Class size 4-6pax only. You'll master it!
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To enjoy EARLY- BIRD's offer, the fee must be sent or transferred strictly one week before the class commences.
Payment by fund transfer to my
POSB SAVINGS account 151-09320-5. Reservation by payment in
first-come-first-serve basis. Once done, please remember to send a SMS to 96531734 with your name and course
title you are signing up.  Participant absent from class without prior notice (at least 1 days) will not be given refund.
Thanks! Contact person Chef OH CHONG FAH.  

Fee includes: Ingredients, hands-on cooking, recipes and step-by-step guidance
Things-to-bring when coming to workshops: Writing material & food containers for take-away

More workshops coming soon...

Conducting demo, practical and talks available for groups and individual. Please call or write-in to find out.

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For courses enquiries call
Chef Oh @
96531734 or email to
Celebrating with Vegan Wines
*A special workshop on homemade winemaking
Sometimes I wonder why those "professionals" are only interested in WHITE & RED Wines
only, isn't that boring? Why not using your favourite fruits? You will be very surprise how
tasty our homemade wines compare to the commercial wines.
Not only that vegan wine can be hard to find - but not any more. Most winemakers use
animal products of one kind or another to help produce their wines. In this session, you will
master the art of wine making  and start preparing for all the festive celebrations with
homemade vegan wines. This special workshop will give you more in-depth experience
and confident to wine making.

> Wines appreciation - We'll sample at least 5 types of wines (Red wine, apple wine,
strawberry wine, plum wine, pineapple wine, etc..
> Wine making demonstration
> Using hyrdometer for alcohol measurement
> Using wine dregs for cooking
> Special bonus : making ginger root beer and sparkling wines

Course fee inclusive of ingredients: $80 for early bird/$100. (Early-bird = Payment made 7
days before the commencing date)
Each participant will take home a bottle of wine (360ml).  

Class size: 4-8pax
Duration: 3hrs
Date:    9 Jan 2011 Sunday, 10am-1pm     OR       22 Jan 2011 Saturday 10am-1pm
Venue: My Kitchen @ Jurong East St13
Supermarket Tour & Indian Vegetarian Food @
Little India
By Health Promotion Board Certified Guide -Oh Chong Fah

This is a special 3 hours programme that I would like to share with you the following::

1. Smart shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre
2. Understand herbs and spices for cooking
3. Learn how to buy nature healthy  ingredients at good price
4. Learn some Indian cooking recipes
5. Lunch together for more discussions on Indian food at Indian Vegetarian

Group size: 10 max
Fee: $15 (exclusive of lunch expenses)
Date & Time: 26 Dec 2010 , 10am-1pm            OR            2 Jan 2011, 10am-1pm

Please call to check for availability before making fund transfer. Reservation is done upon payment done.
Venue: Mustafa Shopping Centre
Organic Vegan Cookies Workshop
All natural. No Artifical flavouring. No Preservative. No Trans Fat.
Learn to bake cookies for this festive season!

Participants will bring home their freshly baked cookies home after the class.
We will use organic wheat flour instead of the normal flour.   As for the
sweetener, we are using organic cane sugar that impart our cookies the natural

FYI: Most cookies use shortening (trans-fat) as fat and still we regard that as
vegan but not for our cookies. We know very well how bad the trans fat can
destory our health.

Types of cookies:
1. Tangerine
橘子 (Using fresh tangerine for the fruity flavouring and bright
orangey colouring)
2. Seaweed
海苔 (Using thready seaweed and nori seaweed)
3. Chinese Tea
铁观音茶 (The flavour from the Iron Maiden Tea - a real unique
4. Sesame
黑白芝麻 (Using Black & White Sesame Seed)

Bonus: High-quality air-tight plastic wares and wrapping bags will be provided

Fee:  $80 for early bird/$100   (inclusive of ingredients & material)
Class size: 4-6pax
Duration: 3hrs
Date & Time:      9 Jan 2011 Sunday,3-6pm
          OR  16 Jan 2011 Sunday, 10am-1pm
          OR  21 Jan 2011 Friday, 7-10pm
Venue: My Kitchen @ Jurong East St13
Wholesome Bakery
(with & without oven techniques)
This is our most popular workshop. A jump-start for baking beginner
to master the bread making teachniques of 6 types of breads in a
single session. Organic wholemeal wheat flour used.
Click here for

Fee: $80 for early bird/$100 (inclusive of ingredients & material)
Class size: 4-6pax
Date:15 Jan 2011 Saturday, 3-6:30pm
Venue: My Kitchen @Jurong East St13
Supercharged with Raw Energy for
CNY - Secret of Salad Dressings
We will unveil our secret techniques to create myraid of salad dressings that
nobody can resist. Participant will be trained in blending the perfect flavour.
Click here for details.

Fee: $140 for signing up 2 sessions /$80 for 1 session , early-bird price
Class size: 4-8pax
Duration for each session: 3hrs
Session 1 Date: 22 Jan 2011 Saturday, 3-6pm
Session 2 Date: 29 Jan 2011 Saturday, 3-6pm
Venue: My Kitchen @ Jurong East St13
Preparation of CNY2011 Dishes 年菜料理坊
A special workshop for your family to become a more healthy vegetarian family
Chinese Style Vegetarian Cookings can have a lot of variation and great taste even without MSG
This is a special cooking  workshop that don't come often.
In this session 4 special CNY dishes will be demonstrated as
listed below:

1. Auspicious Red Rice Wine Lees Rice
2. The Golden Tofu Lion Head 黄金狮子头
3. Crispy Rice Cracker 爆响锅巴
4. Dessert - Nian Gao Spring Roll黄金年糕

Hey!  How can we just stop at 4 dishes for 15 days of celebration?
Of course not!  Other recipes will be discussed as well as
planning of dishes and preparations etc..  All in all, it is a very
special cooking that cannot be missed.

Fee: $80 for early bird/ $100 (inclusive of ingredients & material)
Class size: 4-8pax
Duration: 3hrs
Date & time:   8 Jan 2011 Saturday, 10am-1pm
              or 14 Jan 2011 Friday, 7-10pm
              or 16 Jan 2011 Sunday, 3-6pm
              or  23 Jan 2011 Sunday, 10am-1pm
Venue: My Kitchen @ Jurong East St13